Why We Are Here

The High Road Design Studio was founded in 2013 by Megan Stone to elevate the cannabis consumer experience through professional retail design. We believe there is an unparalleled opportunity to change peoples’ perceptions of cannabis by applying design-thinking to all aspects of the store environment and customer experience.

Thought Leadership 

The High Road Design Studio is an original thought leader in the massive cannabis retail community, led by award-winning dispensary designer Megan Stone. The High Road Design Studio team is motivated to elevate the cannabis industry by learning through experience, cultivating relationships to transfer successful insight and leading positive change.

True Collaboration

Through thoughtful design and a collaborative effort, our team utilizes their global retail design experience and is led by Megan’s hands-on knowledge in a unique industry, prioritizing the craft of delivering an experience that resonates with visitors. Your facility’s brand directly impacts retention from the first visit.