Benjamin Schutte

Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer

Benjamin Schutte has over 9 years of design experience and has worked with several national and international retail brands such as Reebok, Samsung, CVS, Electrolux and Aramark. Benjamin is a passionate advocate for the cannabis and design industries, and strives to use strategic and professional design to bring awareness and legitimacy to the cannabis industry. He joins the team to help change the way consumers perceive, interact, and experience cannabis.

In his work with the High Road Design Studio, Benjamin was responsible for the brand identity of the nationally recognized and award-winning dispensary, Level Up.

He has also developed the brand strategy and identities for the Gnome Grown and Trulieve dispensaries. As the High Road’s brand strategist, he continues to create tailored brand identity systems and marketing strategies for each client that highlights their unique vision and story. Fostering these personal connections help bring the brand to life and create sustained, long term success.