Megan Stone

Principal & Interior Designer

A disruptor, innovator and entrepreneur, Megan Stone is the grand dame of dispensary design. As founder and owner of The High Road Design Studio, she has helped arm cannabis retailers with the power of design to combat stigma, overcome stereotypes, and reinvent people’s perceptions of cannabis and its users. Her unprecedented retail designs have helped usher dispensaries onto Main Street and into the mainstream, and have forever changed the international conversation about the retailing of “vice.” Her work has been lauded for altering thoughts, feelings and behaviors worldwide, blazing a trail and earning awards and commendations for design excellence along the way.

She is a frequent speaker and contributing editor in both the cannabis and retail design industries. In early 2019, she will add “dispensary owner” to her growing list of credentials with the opening of Royal Highness, a cannabis boutique in Palm Desert, California.