Megan Stone

Principal & Interior Designer

A disrupter, innovator and entrepreneur, Megan Stone is the grand dame of dispensary design. Since founding The High Road Design Studio in 2013, she has provided interior design and brand identity services to cannabis retailers and brands across the US, for both recreational and medical markets. Her unprecedented retail designs have helped usher the cannabis industry onto Main Street and into the mainstream, and have forever changed the international conversation about the retailing of “vice.” Her work has been lauded for altering thoughts, feelings and behaviors worldwide, blazing a trail and earning awards and commendations for design excellence along the way. 

Megan has won numerous awards for her work in both national as well as international design competitions. She is a contributing editor on design for MG Magazine and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Architectural Digest Online, High Times, Marijuana Venture, and Interior Design. She has presented on her work at GlobalShop in 2017, the International Retail Design Conferences of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018, and the National Marijuana Business Conferences in 2015 and 2016. In early 2019, she also added the title of “dispensary co-owner” to her credentials with the opening of Royal Highness, an adult-use cannabis boutique in Palm Desert, California.  

Benjamin Schutte

Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer

Benjamin Schutte has over ten years of experience working with national and international clients in the development and execution of their brand strategy and visual assets. His keen ability to visually communicate his clients’ needs allows him to expertly tailor their brand identity systems and marketing strategies to help bring the brand to life and create long term success.

Since joining The High Road Design Studio in 2017, Benjamin has been responsible for the brand identity of the nationally recognized and award-winning dispensaries, Level Up and Gnome Grown. He also crafted the identities and strategy for the notable cannabis brands Maitri Medicinals, Texas Original Cannabis Company and High Tops. Prior to joining the High Road, Benjamin was an accomplished Associate Creative Director with WD Partners, where his clients included retail brands such as Reebok, Samsung, CVS, Electrolux and Aramark.

Benjamin is a passionate advocate for both the cannabis and design industries, and strives to use strategic, professional design to bring awareness and legitimacy to the cannabis industry.