We are a team of game changers—

creative, problem-solving design professionals

who deliver carefully branded and curated

environments that foster elevated experiences.

Our studio was founded in 2013 by Megan Stone to elevate the cannabis consumer experience, affecting a positive impact on the industry as a whole. By helping dispensary operators capitalize on the benefits enjoyed when design, branding, and visual merchandising are planned into the highly regulated and often intimidating cannabis retail experience, we have helped countless dispensaries launch leading brands and change their communities’ perceptions of cannabis. By applying design-thinking to all aspects of the dispensary environment and customer experience, our unprecedented retail designs have helped usher the cannabis industry onto Main Street and into the mainstream, and have forever changed the international conversation about the retailing of “vice.”

Through this distinct market focus, our team has developed a proven and proprietary process that allows us to skillfully lead our clients from concept through construction and prepare them for successful retail operations for years to come. Our expertly tailored approach to the dispensary design and development process combined with our curated team of consultants and experts saves our clients time and money while providing them with breathtaking design concepts and innovative retail strategies. These elevated experiences offer a return on their investment year after year.

Our entrepreneurial origins and deep-seated belief in the importance of small business lend us the unique ability to serve other owner-operated businesses—owners invested in the success of their business because it is their passion, purpose, livelihood and neighborhood.

At High Road we are committed to:

  • Beholding the power of perception, emotion, and attitude—and design’s influence on them
  • Infusing authenticity and experience into life’s moments
  • Revering the power of one’s built environment and its connection to the world
  • Respecting quality as a means of sustainability
  • Practicing a holistic and pragmatic approach to problem solving
  • Wellness and its direct connection to the quality of our experiences